The Story of Beans for Africa Coffee Roasters

Beans for Africa was born through the combination of a desire to produce the highest quality coffee and hope of improving the act of business in today’s world. We at Beans for Africa began with a few goals:

To purchase the best coffee available, to roast it to perfection, and to make it available – fresh – to anyone and to provide our customers with service unheard of in our industry.

Serious Coffee. Happy People.

Beans for Africa Coffee Roasters’ entire existence is one thing: Striving for coffee perfection. We haven’t reached yet, but we are enjoying some amazing coffee on the way. Beans for Africa takes coffee pretty seriously and accepts no comprises in the pursuit of great tasting coffee.

Great Coffee is its own reward.

Great coffee. Not overly fancy or pretentious but we like it that way. Beans for Africa keeps it simple: take great coffee, craft it with pride and passion, treat the whole coffee experience as a culinary art and operate sustainably from top to bottom. That’s Beans for Africa.

From the first roast, we wanted to make sure that Beans for Africa would be a company committed to real change. Where possible we roast sustainably sourced coffees to guarantee that the family farmers we depend on for excellent coffee are getting a fair deal. Sustainable certification ensures that the farmers who grow our coffees are compensated fairly, allowing the profits from their harvests to be reinvested in their own communities.

The entire coffee team at Beans for Africa thanks you for your enthusiastic support of great coffee! We are honoured to roast such great coffee and to be able to serve such amazing customers. We love having you as part of the Beans for Africa family!